Who we are...

In a world of non-stop news, EMERGE brings non-stop hustle to the press office,
crediting and landing stories that sit across traditional and emerging verticals to
bring brands fame.


Endlessly Adaptable. Fast and Fun Thinking.
Problem Solvers by Nature.

EMERGERS have...

Eyes on the brief. Fingers on the pulse.
Head in the game.


The PR Journey

PRE 2012

PR was soaked in alcohol and dining at Le Caprice. Fur flew with cultures of fear prevailing. PR was eating itself. But getting shit done.


All launched in the UK. Things would never be the same again.


Every PR company hires a 15 year old to be their Head of Social Media.

PRE 2014

PRs shit the bed and ‘pivot’ to be digital agencies. They hire no one with any digital expertise. Clients hate PR more than they did before.


The start of the Digital Wild West. Millions of pounds are literally spent.

PRE 2016

Every PR company in London advises clients of the death of print media.
Reports of print media’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

PRE 2017

Daily Mail Online becomes the World’s Number 1 news source. I mean, what the fuck. Fake news is a thing a now.

  • The socially conscious win awards.
  • It’s cool to be nice.

1200 PR companies close.

EMERGE quadruples in revenue and profit.


Shit Show