We set out in 2012 with two ambitions...

To broaden both the idea of where ‘PR Activity’ could land editorially, and to challenge what the ‘average PR Girl’ should look, talk and act like. Pushing out standardised press releases doesn’t cut it in today’s fragmented landscape.

We’re straight up with our clients about their expectations and needs, and we’ve designed a suite of services to launch and scale brands in press and beyond. Bespoking the mix that will deliver coverage for them, and never selling them on things that aren’t right for their needs.

Instead of fighting the
fragmentation of the media
landscape, we are leaning into it.

Distilling brand stories strategically and then blowing them out creatively.

We take a multi-channel approach to securing coverage, engagement, shares and noise.

So brands can step away from the crowd and get seen when and where it matters most.

Our Services


Too many brands have been burned by PR that promises the world and doesn’t deliver. At EMERGE, we get ambitious, category-defining brands into the hearts, minds and hands of the audiences that matter. That means into feeds and phones; the hands of influencers, or direct to the right journalist for the story. All the skills of the classic ‘press office’, different rules.


From festivals and global cultural moments, to press days and press dinners, work with our events team to secure the best brand solution for you.


Our SEO team know their way around a backend. And that’s the kind of hook up we know you are after.


The division utilises the agency’s network of talented journalists to create diverse and thought provoking content that is mindful of the current media landscape.


Never has it been more important to create new and exciting ways to get the attention of media and consumers. This ‘Moonpig for Merch’ service helps brands get creative by working with our in house designers and fully vetted, sustainable manufacturers. Go on, EMERCH yourself.


The first ever Pay-as-you-Go PR platform, launching in 2020.


Looking for Influencers, Key Opinion Leaders or to tap our Contact Concierge? Our Connect team can help with that.


For brands looking to grow, or elevate their market share through partnerships and contemporaries both creatively and operationally, we can hook you up


'EMERGE On Air' is the Agency’s latest media division to come to life. EMERGE identified a growing trend towards brands opting to create audio-led content after finding that it can create a deeper consumer engagement across an array of social, cultural and political touch-points. EMERGE wants to make PR work harder for brands, and will lead the way by offering a podcast creation and production service which acts as an addition to its already vast offering, venturing beyond the realms of traditional PR. EMERGE ‘On Air’ will connect brands with audiences that matter to them.