About Us

Emerge was founded in 2012. The company works across a number of different clients with different PR needs. From launching brands into the UK market to crisis management, profile building and maintenance, Emerge offers solutions to numerous clients in the PR space.


prEmerge PR works across a number of different clients with different needs. From product launches in the UK market, breaking new territories, reinventing established brands, to sales and visibility led PR campaigns, Emerge creates solutions unique to your brand.


PublicityEmerge Publicity works to grow and manage individual public profiles in the press. The publicity division works their magic across both new and existing key influencers, from talented designer Charlotte Simone and chef Tess Ward to the new faces at Models 1, for maximum publicity.


Contact Emerge LimitedEmerge Consultancy advises on a variety of events and campaigns. From new entries into the UK at GB Energy, to Missy Empire signing an International face of the brand, Emerge advises brands on how to maximise their use of PR and make the most from their investment.

Emily is one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic publicists in the business. She is incredibly ambitious,talented and hard working. Her skills in negotiating and devising interesting campaigns for her clients have led to serious increase in revenue and exposure. I have worked with Emily on a number of clients and always found her to to be easy to work with and a great team player. I look forward to working with her again very soon and know she will be very successful for years to come.

Josy Spooner

Models 1

As a freelance sports stylist I work with loads of pr’s… Emerge have always been super efficient, they have really inspiring and innovative clients – I love active in style and B london, they always send a great selection of samples for all the shoots i call in for and i’m also able to choose specific pieces that will work if necessary – not always possible from other PR companies. I really value they’re support for my work as a freelancer it means alot when PR’s are eager to work with you and appreciate the coverage you get for them in return…. keep up the good work.

Kellie Daggett

Health & Fitness

I love working with Emerge. Assuntina and the team are always friendly and eager to help with upcoming features. They are quick to respond and send samples or images which always help when working on a busy weekly.

Reveal Magazine

I have worked closely with Emily on a number of campaigns and she is always, without fail, driven, diligent and extremely effective in getting the best for her clients. She is also armed with a predilection for caustic sarcasm that borders on the sadistic.


Matt Nicholls, Partner

The GREAT thing about Emily, from a journalist’s point of view, is that she doesn’t ring you up and dribble on about clients or events that won’t be any use to you. She knows her market and knows what may or may not work in terms of promotion, and she gets straight to it. No bullshit, basically, which is incredibly rare.


Features Editor, Tatler

We decided to work with Emerge because they immediately understood what was different about our company and how it should be placed.


Owner, Reef Knots

Emily is unique. Brilliantly clever, extremely well connected, a high achiever and always fun to be around. On top of these qualities, she keeps herself ahead of the game through efficiency and a deep understanding of her field. She will go a long way.


Director, Boodles