Emerge is a dedicated, honest PR company,
committed to generating tailor made results to suit your brand.


Emerge started in 2012 in London offering PR solutions to emerging brands and talent. As we’ve grown, we have developed into a fully functional PR and Publicity Agency. Emerge works across a number of different clients, with a range of knowledge from talent management, events, PR, celebrity endorsement, media management and crisis control. Understanding relationships between these different, interlinked areas, is at the core of the Emerge offering. We understand how the industry works, and how to make the most significant impact for your brand.


Our team of young, enthusiastic, creative people is based in London. We have a mixture of skill sets, from ex-agents, publicists, to in house and agency PR specialists, in order to offer a unique 360 degree service. Our contacts span different industries across the globe. Emerge is anchored on Fashion and Lifestyle, but also works on a variety of campaigns, including Sony, Wilkinson Sword, Olympus and Boodles. Each client has different needs and requires different solutions. We aim to tailor-make our strategies to the vision the client has.


Emerge looks for creative solutions to make ordinary products extraordinary. We deliver an honest service while working with clients through a range of different services including publicity, consulting and event management. Some clients are already established and looking for new ideas; others are start-ups in the early stages of their brand definition. Big or small, the goal remains the same— to create the right campaign  to hit the right audience and raise the visibility of brands, placing them directly in the eye-line of potential customers.